Bob & Ray: A Night of Two Stars

Recorded Live at Carnegie Hall
(2 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 6000)

DISC 1 (47:58)

Welcome to Carnegie Hall; Chocolate Rabbits; Reminisence; Mr.-I-Know-Where-They-Are; Reuniting the Whirleys; Important Announcement: Move Your Car; Biff Burns in the Sports Room; Face in the News: Pizza Flipper; Salesman of the Year; Commercial: Bob & Ray House of Toast; Employee Dinner– Lucy Luscious Nut Fudge Spotless Kitchens; Wally Ballou at the Paper Clip Factory; Commercial: Einbinder Flypaper; Hobby Hut; Announcement: Neil Clummer’s Next Appearance; The Komodo Dragon

DISC 2 (63:36)

Welcome Back to Carnegie Hall; The Bob & Ray Public Radio Show: Show and Cast Introductions; Organ Concert; Bannister Sliding Contest; Hard Luck Stores; Tippy the Wonder Dog; Speaking Out; Public Service Announcement: Friendly National Chemical Loan and Trust Company; Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy; Dining Out with Bob & Ray; Mr. Trace, Keener than Most Persons; Radio Show Outro; Introduction of Al Shaffer and Paul Taubman; Soap Opera Reminiscence: Secret Heart of Sayville; Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife; Garish Summit; Slow Talkers of America; Encores: Wally Ballou in Times Square; McBeeBee Twins; Credits; Logo and Reprise