The Best of Bob & Ray: Volume 1

Excerpts from the Bob & Ray Public Radio Show
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2013-4)

DISC 1 (54:40)

Civil Court; Employment Service; Einbinder “Commercial”; General Pharmacy (movie star); Down the Byway (small town grouch); Upper Mohawk Valley “Commercial”; Garish Summit; VCR Children; General Pharmacy (washed-up surgeon); Weather Forecast; Transatlantic Bridge; Garish Summit; Chatting with Chesney

DISC 2 (56:24)

Speaking Out (the library); Biff Burns (inventor of the huddle); Prose on Parade; Garish Summit; Down the Byways (printer/counterfeiter); Emergency Ward, South Quoddy Airlines; Anxiety; Speaking Out (Prince of Wales); Faces In The News; Garish Summit; Music Contest (mystery tune)

DISC 3 (58:03)

Mystery Tune (call from Tahiti); You and Your Symptoms; Consumer Affairs (duck decoy, washers, newspapers); Garish Summit; McGonigle’s Soap “Commercial”; Down the Byways (school janitor); Hobby Hut (meat loaf collector), News Conference (Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn); General Pharmacy (ruined financier); Einbinder “Commercial”; Hobby Hut (Taxidermy specimen collector); Mystery Tune (“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”); Monongahela “Commercial”; Garish Summit

DISC 4 (53:12)

Consumer Affairs (motorcycles, etc.); Do-It-Yourselfer (printing own books); Club of the Month; Garish Summit; Forum for Fitness (silly exercises); Mr. I-Know-Where-They-Are, Speaking Out (area codes); Anxiety; Do-It-Yourselfer (making a faucet washer); Garish Summit; Forum for Fitness (between-meal snacks); Army Amateur Hour