The Best of Bob & Ray: Volume 1

Excerpts from the Bob & Ray Public Radio Show
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2014-4)

DISC 1 (55:21)

Open; Emergency Ward (dice in ears); Biff Burns (kangaroo soccer); Down the Byways (pony photographer); Prodigy Street; Garish Summit; Mr. I-Know- Where-They-Are (man in kimono); Tippy the Wonder Dog (Tippy fetches video tape); Cruise Offer; Mystery Tune (caller with wrong number); Garish Summit; Mr. Science; Einbinder “Commercial” (Safety message); Hard Luck Stories; Close

DISC 2 (57:03)

Intro/Speaking Out; Wally Ballou (parking lot school); Army Amateur Hour (frogman naval command school); Garish Summit; Anxiety (gold miners); Hobby Hut (extinct animal collector); Civil Court; Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy; Pittsburgh Subway Editorial; Word Wizard; Garish Summit; Your Forum For Fitness (kids exercise program)

DISC 3 (58:03)

Mule Train (sung by Mary McGoon); I’d Like to be a Cow in Switzerland (Mary McGoon); Piels Beer Commercials; Arthur Sturdley’s Talent Scouts; Mary Backtayge, Noble Wife; Wally Ballou (skating rink); Grit “Commercial”Intro/(broken organ fundraising pitch); Kretchford Braid and Tassel “Commercial” Tippy the Wonder Dog (Tippy fetches tuxedo); Garish Summit; Chatting with Chesney (call-in psychologist); Prodigy Street; Consumer Affairs (canned tennis balls); Close

DISC 4 (53:12)

Swim Across the USA; Secret Ingredient Word Writer; Biff Burns (coach Foxy Sullivan); In The First Person; Bob & Ray Summer Home; Questions from Audience; America’s Problems (fractions); Bob’s Wor Shu Duck Stain; Classic Bob & Ray: Matinee with Bob & Ray– WHDH, Boston, Compiliation from two programs heard in 1951: Open (from Baltimore); Jack Headstrong, All-American American; Steve Bosco Reports from Cairo; Juvenile Jury; Mr. Agony; The Question Man; Close