Bob & Ray: The Lost Episodes, Volume 1

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5015-4)

DISC 1 (58:29)

Mary Backstayge: Shanghaied to Yokohama; Unknown Inventor Nimble Flick; Mary Backstayge: Adrift in a Dinghy; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #1 (Atlanta, GA); Blimmix; Mary Backstayge: Rowing to Shore; Autograph Collector Basil Frommart; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #2 (Blackstone, VA). Mary Backstayge: Hauled Away; Listener Comparison Test #1; Celebrity Chasers; Mary Backstayge: Welcome Aboard the Orlop; Do-It-yourself Home Burglar Kits; Squad Car 119: Lunchmeat Problems; Wally Ballou Missing Report; Mary Backstayge: Sailing into Boston with backward-speaking Russian captain; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #3 (Frederick, MD)

DISC 2 (55:13)

Mary Backstayge: Arriving in Boston Harbor; Listener Comparison Test #2; The Gathering Dusk Squirrels in the Attic; Word Wizard Elmer Stapley #1; Mary Backstayge: A Cure for Miss Jerri Rodgers; Word Wizard Elmer Stapley #2; The Pittmans: Jimmy Joe waxes a car; Mary Backstayge: A Change of Plans; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #4 (Harold, LI). Mary Backstayge: Heading for Meredith, NH; Studio Talk #1: Nice Weather; The Gathering Dusk Edna Contracts Yellow Fever; Studio Talk #2 The Buffalo Girls Disappear; Mary Backstayge: Bus Adventures; Studio Talk #3 The Buffalo Girls Story; Mary Backstayge: The Show Folks from New York; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #5 (Harold, L.I.)

DISC 3 (58:24)

Mary Backstayge: A Ghostly Rehearsal; Mr. Science: Jimmy Learns about Sunrays; Charles the Poet: Commercial Interruptions; Mary Backstayge: The Meredeth Jinx; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #6: Memorabilia; Mary Backstayge: Mary is Missing. Let’s Eat!; Blimmix: The Gorgeous Blonde’s Husband. Mary Backstayge: The Mysterious Cab Driver; Geriatric Corner; The Gathering Dusk A Dead Midget; Wally Ballou A Hot Day on the Trophy Train #7; Wing Po: Washing Glasses; Do-It-Yourselfer, Fred Falvy: Fixing Burnt Out Lightbulbs; Widen Your Horizons Replacing Light Bulbs; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train #8; Mary Backstayge: Mary the Cabbie.

DISC 4 (1:01:24)

Mary Backstayge: Mary’s Lost Her Memory; Mystery Quiz Call; Hard Luck Stories: Poison Ivy Hair; Mary Backstayge: Amnesia Times Three; Studio Talk #4: Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee; Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy Yukon Hotel Secrets; Studio Talk #5 Kent Lyle Birdley; Mary Backstayge: Harry, Pop & Calvin Who? Mary Backstayge: A Memory Exam; Wally Ballou: The Trophy Train Moves Out #9; Mary Backstayge: Lost and Found; Wally Ballou from the Trophy Train: enroute to Bridgeport #10; Mr. Science: Jimmy learns about floating; Mary Backstayge: “Westchester Furioso” in Ogunquit, Maine; Wally Ballou: The World’s Longest, Narrowest House.