Bob & Ray: The Lost Episodes, Volume 2

The Commercials
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5016-4)

DISC 1 (56:27)

WHDH Matinee with Bob & Ray: Early Spots; Intro: Ken takes the day off; Mary McGoon & “Arthur Godfrey” Sing “Barnacle Bill the Sailor;” (for the Remmington Contour Razor) “Night & Day”- Bob & Bill Green Piano Duet; B & M Railroad Spot: “The 30 Day Roundtrip Ticket;” The Lone Agent & Pronto; “The Lives & Loves of Linda Lovely;” Chesterfield “ABC Song;” Guest: Billy B Van; Bob & Ray Caravan heads for Toledo, Ohio. WHDH Matinee with Bob & Ray (1949-50 Compilation): Baseball & Niagra Falls Intro; Philco Airconditioner /House of Television spots; The Gay 90’s (Just across from the RKO Boston…in Boston!); Remington Contour Shaver; Cynthia Sweet’s Chocolate; Music Nook Goodwill Plug; Arthur Godfrey Chesterfield Song; The 1951 Chevrolet; Ken & Bill “Wandering;” “Nutro” Permanent Anti-Freeze; The Lives and Loves of Linda Lovely (Tiny Tim Tin Teddy Bears); Soapine and Picksweet Commercials; Nothing Outro.

DISC 2 (56:23)

Charlie Chipmunk Too Many Commercials; Listener Comparison Survey; Mary Backstayge “Westchester Furioso” Opening; Arizona Bank Spot; “Grime” Commercial; Webly Webster for Lapmaster Paper Napkins; Wally Ballou for Transistor Radios (Elwood “Pops” Hanks); The Pittmans: Fourth of July Speech (sponsored by “Kretchford Braid and Tassel Company”); Squad Car 119 (sponsored by Puppy Kibbles); Piels Beer Spot with Bert and Harry Piel*; Mary Backstayge Forgetting Lines / Bad Ad Libs. Tippy the Wonderdog “The Big Flood” (brought to you by Mushies, the cereal that gets soggy even without milk); Kent Lyle Birdley for the E.P.A.; Mary Backstayge “Westchester Furioso” Finale; Arizona Bank Spot #2; Human Interest Stories #1; The McBeeBee Twins Commerical Work #1; Pierce Arrow Motor Company presents “The Midnight Zone;” Wally Ballou: Man on the Street (WOR); Mary Backstayge: Larry Lovebreath Interview #1; The McBeeBee Twins: Commerical Work #2. * previously released on Classic Bob & Ray, Volume 2, RA 2006

DISC 3 (56:15)

Widen Your Horizons: How to Use a Television; Mr. Science How to Make Sawdust (sponsored by the Kumquot Institute); Mary Backstayge: Larry Lovebreath Interview #2; Mom & Pop Commercial; Bob & Ray Crank Phone Call; Wally Ballou Trophy Train Clam Chowder Recipe; General Pharmacy: The Financier & The Shoe Shine Boy; Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Mike Upcutting; Bob & Ray for Mass State Lottery “The Movie;” Mary Backstayge: July 4th Fireworks in Ogunquit, Maine; Commercial: Monongahela Steel Ingots. Squad Car 119: (The U.S. Post Office) “Grocery Stores & Fire Engines;” Negative Thinker Dr. Enoch Van Flemm; Mary Backstayge: “The Lost Wallet;” Listener Comparison Survey #2; Wing Po: The Cattle Drive Trail Boss; Word Wizard Dr. Elmer Stapley; Mary Backstayge Final Performance of “Westchester Furioso;” Views Behind the News: Long Disclaimer.

DISC 4 (58:29)

Mary Backstayge: Traveling Back to New York; Wally Ballou: Coney Island Trophy Train; Pizza Flipper Clifton Wordlinger; Mary Backstayge: Gala “Treasure Island” Premiere; Listener Comparison Survey #3 Squad Car 119: Chocolate Dinner Mints; Wally Ballou: Mutual Admiration Society #1; Listener Survey #4 Wally Ballou: Mutual Admiration Society #2. Mary Backstayge: Reading the Reviews in Skunk Haven, L.I.; Wally Ballou: Trophy Train Admiration Society #3; Widen Your Horizons: How to Brush Your Hair; Mr. Science: Specific Gravity and Little Jimmy impact; Mary Backstayge: African Documentary Trip; Anxiety! Commander Nelville Putney presents “A Ghost House;” The Pittmans #2: Editor of the School Paper.