Bob & Ray: The Lost Episodes, Volume 3

Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife, Lost in Africa
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5017-4)

DISC 1 (59:44)

Mary Backstayge: Setting Sail for Africa–without Calvin! Story Lady: Boss Tweed & the Six Corrupt Ward Healers; Squad Car119: Long Line at the Bank; Crank Call #1; Mary Backstayge: Aboard the M.V. Poseidon; Helicopter 710 (Actual 1970’s WOR clip); Studio Talk: Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee; Anxiety! Poison Coffee; Power Shovel Maker, Conrad Wary; Mary Backstayge: Calvin, Eggcreams; and a Helicopter Ride The Gathering Dusk: Lemonade Bootleggers; Wally Ballou: 43-Year-Old Lemonade Stand Owner Chauncey Travis; Mary Backstayge: Reunited at Sea; Studio Talk: Kent Lyle Birdley & Neil Clummer; Blimmix: Creme de Menthe Frappe or a Beer?; Mary Backstayge: Dancing in the Grand Saloon; Mr. Science: Jimmy Learns about Levers; Nicky Oceanic: Dance Extravaganza

DISC 2 (56:53)

Mary Backstayge: The Story Teller; Spelling Bee #1: Aeroplane? Malcolm Norris; Bridget Hillary and the News: Formerly Wealthy Stock Broker; Tippy, The Wonder Dog: Waiting for a Generator Part; Studio Talk: Webley Webster; The Orderlies: Chief Orderly Schnellwell & Orderly Weincoop; Spelling Bee # 2; Mary Backstayge: African Plans and a Radiogram from the Network; Crank Call #2; Views Behind the News: Presidential Candidate G.L. Hummer Mary Backstayge: Shuffleboard Discussions; Home Handyman, Fred Falvy, Makes a Thermometer; Mary Backstayge: Entertainment aboard the Poseidon; Studio Talk: Keith Olbermann; Baseball Cards; Biff Burns: 94-Year-Old Met Rookie Whitey Stickwell; Listener Comparison Test; Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy: Transmitter Trouble; Bob & Ray Hard Luck Stories

DISC 3 (59:07)

Mary Backstayge: Arriving in Africa; Train Ride to Pretoria; Wally Ballou with Leonardo Thrash, Sign Maker; Squad Car 119: Hot & Sticky; Studio Talk: Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee talks about Kent Lyle Birdley; Mary Backstayge: Animals and Ratings; Face in the News: Truck Driver Joseph Swanson; Mary Backstayge: Wildebeest?; Hard to Believe: Carrot with a Cat’s Face Mary Backstayge: The Safari Begins–without Mary!; Mr. Science: Jimmy Learns about Chemical Elements & Heat; Anxiety! Top Secret Couriers; Studio Talk: Webley Webster & Kent Lyle Birdley; Mary Backstayge: Campground in the Jungle; Studio Talk: Kent Lyle’s Career Highlights; The Gathering Dusk: Dermatologist Dr. Hogenbee; Charlie Chipmunk Club: Uncle Edgar Tries to Tell Another Story

DISC 4 (59:16)

Mary Backstayge: Filming and Shooting the Backstayges!; Views Behind the News: Farsighted Urban Planner Hubert C. Waxford; Mary Backstayge: Greg Marlowe “Take Two!”; Dr. Harvey Nitzmogg: TV Medical Show Advisor; Mary Backstayge: Henry the Cook, Sheherazade the Lion; Mr. Science: Jimmy Discovers Air!; Charlie Chipmunk: Another Story, Another Interruption; Word Wizard: Slow Pedestrians Mary Backstayge: Action! Look Out for that Cave!; Biff Burns: 84-Year-Old Race Car Driver, Aggie Wisker; Show Biz Corner: Ventriloquist Eddie “Ha Ha” Bostwick; Mary Backstayge: Lost in a Diamond Mine. We’re All Lost!; Wally Ballou with Egg Beating Champ, Mrs. Schwanda Hetherington; Squad Car 119: Roadblock Duty; Studio Talk: Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee on Friday Cliffhangers; Mary Backstayge: Trapped in a Dark Mine Shaft. Cave-In!; Bob & Ray WOR Honor Guard Sign Off: Goodbyeee.