Bob & Ray: The Lost Episodes, Volume 4

The New York Years, Part 3
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5018-4)

DISC 1 – WINS & CBS (58:46)

Opening Wilbur Finds a New Theme (1:00); The Life & Loves of Linda Lovely Fielding Wants Money, Peanut Butter Sandwiches (3:42); Bob Elliott Soundalike Tryout “Thomas Jefferson” & “Charles Dickens” interviewed (6:46); Tryout Continues 4-Way Cold Tablets; Fitch Shampoo; Thistle Blossom the Cat (3:38); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Fielding Takes Over Skunkhaven’s Radio Station (4:02); Wally Ballou Announcer Tryout Princeton Mutation Fake Fur Commercial (1:00); Charles the Poet Love Poem (2:41); Dean Archer Armstead Advice on Crabgrass; Wally Ballou Traffic Report (5:33); WINS Station Break & Weather Report (1:23); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Sming Smog, the Giant Skunk, at the Home Expo (4:25); Arthur Sturdley Carmel Quinn; WINS Station Break; Dippit Cones Commercial (2:17); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Mary Meets Sming Smog (4:25); Commercial Slenderella (:48); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Sming Smog Escapes into New York City (3:41); Flower Arranging Convention Mrs. Bertha Upland Lockland (2:09); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Sming Smog Enters Carnegie Hall (3:47); Bob & Ray Overstocked Warehouse 1938 Calendars on Sale (2:14); Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife Sming Smog Scales the Empire State Building (4:43); Outro Write If You Get Work, Hang By Your Thumbs (:22).

DISC 2 – NBC Monitor (59:12)

Monitor Intro (:10); Aunt Penny’s Sunlit Kitchen Chicken Fat Cake; The Bellmore’s Personal Submarine (4:34); Arthur Sturdley Eating Time (1:11); Matt Neffer Matt & Todd Find Some Soap in the Mailbox; Matt Buys A Loaf of Bread (3:45); Wally Ballou at Sturdleyland Walt Sturdley’s Brother Describes Children’s Attractions (3:38); Steve Bosco Reports on Baseball (2:21); Seasearch Flipper Martin, Freelance Skindiver (2:54); Giraffe Collector’s Club (6:58); Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons The Poisoned Doughnut Case (3:53); Jack Headstrong, All American American Looking for Wicked J. Montgomery Sting (3:18); Unusual Occupations Pants Pressing School (2:32); Inside Bob & Ray Intro; Public Service Message; Bob & Ray Counterfeiting School (6:40); Stop That Tune Running for Dollars (2:10); Your Sanitation Department In Action Looking for Garbage (3:24); Bob & Ray Top Melody Call The Week’s Most Popular Song (2:21); Matt Neffer Boy Spotwelding King of the World Film in the Attic (2:57); The Hasselberger Veal Cutlet Theater Mechanical Ability Test (3:06); Webley Webster’s Book Review Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (2:40); Outro Carpet Commercial WRCA Station Break (:27).

DISC 3 – CBS Radio Network (55:09)

Intro; Bob & Ray Girls Chorus Line, Webley L. Webster, Dance Director (3:32); Clifford Fleming at the Bob & Ray Weather Station (2:32); CBS Radio Promo Mitch Miller Show Preview (1:08); World Report Phil Fish in London; Brad Balloon in Paris; Emory Tisdale in Brisbane (3:03); Mary McGoon A New Game, “Scrabbopoly” (3:13); WCBS Promo & Sign Off (:37); Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network: Friday, The Thirteenth Webley Webster, Wally Ballou, Mary McGoon’s Mishaps (4:30); CBS Radio Promos Gunsmoke; Palladin; Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Suspense (:57;) Natalie Attired, Song Sayer Pratt Institute Alma Mater (2:57); Commercial Fitch Dandruff Remover Shampoo (1:46); Wally Ballou from the State Fair in Tickahoe, Ohio (3:32); Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network; Fight in the Hall; Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee Complains (3:25); Everyman Hall of Fame Sheepskin Scroll to Lester Lash for Cementing A Crack in the Sidewalk (3:25); CBS Radio Promos Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Suspense; Gunsmoke (:48); Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate Loses Debate (3:04); Commercial Pepsi Cola (:59); Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee’s Revenge; Outro (1:33); Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding Present The CBS Radio Network from California Fish Report; Webley Webster Plays “Jealousy” on the Organ; Commercial Columbia Stereo Portable Phonograph (6:47); Travel Tips Russian Vacation Advice (3:36); Promo Art Linkletter’s House Party (1:09); Wally Ballou Interviews A Man Who Makes Pull Cords for Butlers (1:41); Outro Words to Live By; Write If you Get Work, Hang by Your Thumbs (:41).

DISC 4 – WOR/MUTUAL (58:12)

Opening Song: Bob Bob Bob and Ray Ray Ray (:36); Widen Your Horizons How to use Dental Floss (3:16); Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy Lisbon Adventure (3:36); Unusual Occupations Professional Splasher (2:30); Mr. Trace, Keener Than Most Persons Stolen False Teeth Murder Clue (3:15); Barry Campbell “Combat Mess Sergeant” TV Series; 4th Major League (5:36); One Fella’s Family The Junk Man (3:05); Souvenir Auction Ray’s Hat (3:33); Wally Ballou at the Acme Hi Fidelity Plant (2:20); Mutual Station Break & Commercial for Your Local Druggist (:48); WOR Station Break Spectacular Opening Number; Webley Webster Wants to Dance (1:33); The Westerners Slim Gets Off His Horse (3:28); Bad News Smell-o-Rama Closes Down; Webley Sues Bob & Ray for Insulting Him (3:21); The Gathering Dusk Red Boiling Springs Movie Theater (2:52); Road Map Maker Makes Deliberate Mistakes (2:49); The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely Uncle Eugene & Rickey Are Missing (3:53); McBeeBee Twins Enter the Frozen Custard Business (2:18); Biff Burns Talks to a Fisherman Who Uses His Thumb as Bait (3:06); TV Critic Crawford Paisley Egyptian Soldiers in a News Program (2:53); Wally Ballou Freelance Toll House Tender, Chester Quertus (2:33); Outro (:40).