Bob & Ray: The Lost Episodes, Volume 5

More CBS Years, The Found LPs
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5019-4)

DISC 1 – THE LOST LPs (56:35)

This Is Your Bed, You Made It, Now Lie In It (3:32); Dean Archer Armstead Drill Sgt. Trains Chickens (3:44); Mary McGoon’s Rambling Casino Plans (2:58); Cheerios Commercial Singing Platters Spot (0:34); Mr. Science Hurricanes (2:33); Questions & Answers from the audience (6:29); One Fella’s Family Going Visiting (3:22); Laughter Auditions (3:42); Chesley L. Beamish, Voice Coach (2:00); THE MUSIC FACTORY with Bob & Ray (0:50); Wally Ballou at the Blue Funk Coffee House (3:34); Book Interview: Fergus Waycroft on Olympic Games (2:40); Wisdom of the Ages Webley L. Webster Conducts A Panel (3:47); Chatting with the Stars Fentriss Synom Imitates Food & Drink (3:14); Music Factory Entertainment News Doris Day (2:11); Members of the Audience Write a Song (3:10); Wally Ballou Bridge Across the English Channel (3:06); Doing Your Thing Clyde Bonderant, Laughing Story Teller (1:18); Farley Hubler, 42 Year Old Industrialist Failure in 1968 (2:33); Music Factory Outro (1:11)


Linda to Mary to Webley; Monitor Radio Intro Bob & Ray Through the Day (3:31); Linda Lovely Uncle Eugene & Rickey Louella Escape the Fire (3:38); Ludlow Neblet Society of People Who Can’t Whistle (2:58); Linda Lovely, Girl Intern Here Comes Dr. Louella (3:38); Book Review Advertising Agency insists on drama and suspense (2:38); Linda Lovely Dr. Rickey L. Louella performs brain surgery (3:31); Wally Ballou visits Professor Groggins (moon rocket) (4:54); Linda Lovely Leaving Riversmouth forever (3:00); Charles the Poet The Equinox (1:21); Mary Backstayge Harry Auditions for a record show (2:27); Bert & Harry Piel Taping Their Voices (0:57); CBS Intro Webley is fired! (2:10); Wayside Doctor Captain Wolf Larsen turns into a wild animal (3:46); TV Critic Crawford Paisley Achieving Self Respect (3:47); TV Confidential (2:07); Musical Chairs with audience members (3:36); Aunt Penny’s True To Life Stories (2:50); Sound Mistakes Drama (3:41); Artie Schermerhorn Flyaway School of Airline Hostesses (3:19); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder Seeing Spots, Grandpa (2:57); College For Gangsters Dr. Vincent Randolph Shaw (3:14)

DISC 3 – CBS One (57:25)

CBS Intro Kirby Aires strolls in playing an accordian (1:55); Wally Ballou interviews lady smuggler at Idlewild Airport (3:54); Public Service Announcement: U.S Savings Bonds (0:50); One Fella’s Family Foggy Day at the Seawall (3:28); Audience Member’s Questions all from Finley Quality Network (2:25); CBS Intro Webley gets mail (1:21); Radio & TV Knob & Antenna Magazine Award (2:05); Promo: US Treasury Bond #2 (0:49); Lawrence Fetchenberger Emergency landing on Venus (5:32); CBS Intro Woman wanders in saying “Goulding” invited her (1:51); Wally Ballou, 24 years as a broadcaster. Third Party Favor Company (4:44); Celebrity Snapshot Actor Chester Mandible (1:24); Guess My Secret contestant doesn’t like his secret (2:38); Studio Chatter Webley hates his insulting theme (1:55); CBS Intro Ray starts to say goodbye – script is messed up (0:51); Webley Webster Brings in a relaxation girl to help the show (3:23); Johnny Creshendo, Private Eye (4:02); CBS Outro (0:29); CBS Intro Vacuum cleaner comes in (1:42); Pierre Dupray Log rolling in the studio (3:41); Wonderful World of Professions Thelma Caribou, news typist (0:58); McBeeBee Family Singers Tennessee Waltz (4:11); Judo Expert (2:50); Beatnik Poem (0:15).

DISC 4 – CBS Two (54:18)

CBS Intro Audience member comes in late (1:55); Questions & Answers about show business (2:57); Guest Sports Champ Mickey Dickens (1:16); Underwriter Service USS Speckled Bass (2:48); Natalie Attired Bob introduces her as Mary . . . Smooth Operator (4:49); CBS Intro Angry sounding announcer introduction (3:15); Fritos commercial & jingle (0:47); Laura Lee Grade School Kids Art Linkletter rejects (3:10); Dean Archer Armstead (1:51); Celebrity Snapshot Mrs. Hester Mooseman – gossip about “couple next door” (1:19); Unusual Service Ticker-tape parade provider (2:35); CBS Intro Wally talks about having his voice operation (1:57); Mary McGoon presents a dramatic show with many stings (musical punctuation) (4:02); Audience members’ worst & best gifts (4:09); One Fella’s Family The Smell of Malt (3:15); Tex Blaisdell drops by with his rope act (2:42); CBS Intro Rock & roll group The Pinociles (1:15); Leonard Bernstein request Webley plays “Jealousy” (3:39); Al “Bow-Wow” Perthwaite Dog Act (6:27).