Bob & Ray: The Soap Operas, Volume 1

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5011-4)

DISC 1 (59:09)

The Brown Paper Bag: Flying to Casablanca with the mysterious brown paper bag. A storm gathers. Meanwhile, a tour makes its way through the Bob & Ray studio, where Kent Lyle Birdley and Mary McGoon discuss bratwurst. Brought to you by “Grime.” Back on the road to Marrakesh, a daring helicopter rescue is attempted, shooting out the tires and crashing the Backstayges’ taxi. Bagatelli Villa: On another plane between Marrakesh and Rome, the Backstayges land at Bagatelli airport. Taxi driver Pepe Le Coco delivers them to Villa Bagatelli where they meet Count Yorkash, hear spooky organ music and listen to “The Ritual.” Back in the studio, Wally Ballou takes us to the Northern Woonsocket Machine Works. Bob interviews a “human TV antenna.” Greg Marlowe discusses plans for “Zachary Talyor, The Musical

DISC 2 (55:57)

Pop’s Amnesia: Calvin visits Pop in the hospital when shocking news from the Backstayges causes Pop’s amnesia. Pop Beloved holds up the hospital cashier. Writer Chester Hasbrook Frisbee discusses the story line with Bob & Ray, and reveals that Harry will be arrested instead of Pops. Harry is jailed then sprung by Attorney Roland Surrogate. Things go from bad to worse as Mary and Harry are fired from their TV program, which is replaced by Calvin’s cartoon show. Back in Skunkhaven, Long Island, the Backstayges get good news about the future when they’re offered film roles in “Treasure Island, the Musical.” Back in the Bob & Ray Studio, a member of the audience builds an igloo. Mary and Harry plan their trip to Hollywood.

DISC 3 (56:00)

Treasure Island: On the first day of filming “Treasure Island”, Harry can’t remember his line. Old time announcer Kent Lyle Birdley talks to Harry about flubbing his line. Later, Calvin ruins several more takes. At the Beverly Hills Hotel, Harry makes yet another flub when he calls for room service and forgets to tip the waiter. Hawaii: Aloha! Arriving in Hawaii the Backstayges are welcomed by native guide Ookie Kookie. Mary’s secret admirer, Greg Marlowe, becomes “Treasure Island’s” second unit director. Soon afterward, Akbar Maitai arrives. Mary, Harry, Calvin and Pop appear on the “Tonight Show” to plug the movie, only to discover that Lassie is guest host.

DISC 4 (57:27)

Magic Show: Back in Skunkhaven, Calvin is locked in a trunk while rehearsing a magic trick. Harry’s long-lost blacksheep brother plays a trick of his own. Back in the studio, Bob & Ray present “The Most Average Woman” and “You and Your Symptoms.” Calvin mows Mary’s lawn. The Backstayges escape from a stuck elevator. Greg Marlowe tells them of his plans to take “Westchester Furioso” on tour. Pirates: The gang gets fitted for costumes by a tailor who sounds like Truman Capote. Back in the studio, it’s time for the Bob & Ray Scientific Personality Test. While visiting Mystic Seaport, the Backstayges are shanghaied by the mysterious Captain Wolf Larsen. The Backstayges ponder their fate as Mary is forced to paint the crow’s nest during a hurricane. And as the storm rages, what will become of Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife? You’ll want to be here next time when we’ll hear Calvin say…