Bob & Ray: The Soap Operas, Volume 2

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5012-4)

DISC 1 (56:13)

The Story So Far: During a performance of “Mr. and Mrs. Broadway,” starring Mary and Harry Backstayge, Pop Beloved stops the show! Then, an interview with a song tester. Linda Lovely chats with Ray. On “One Fella’s Family,” it’s Henry’s high school reunion. Later we meet Jack Headstrong, All-American American, at a waterhole, followed by a thrilling episode of “The Clutching Hand.” Linda Lovely and David approach the new year, followed by an actual cigarette commercial for Chesterfields (now illegal on the radio). The Story So What: Harry Backstayge interviews Calvin Hoogavin. Then, Linda Lovely and her fiance, David, home from darkest Africa broke and broken. The Complete Burglary Kit offer. On the Gathering Dusk, Edna sees the chiropodist. Then, the first installment of “Wayside Doctor.” Learn how operate a Juke Box. Lewis Reeves, Tree Surgeon, answers an emergency call. On “One Fella’s Family” Mother Butcher makes jam.

DISC 2 (53:51)

Peanut Butter: Harry Backstayge applies for a job in a peanut butter factory. We learn how to sharpen a pencil as Harry waits for his interview. Then, it’s Mr. Science! Linda’s Uncle Eugene returns from the wine cellar as Bob & Ray talk paper airplanes. Harry rescues the boss, while Fingers McGee cases Linda Lovely’s house. Peanut Fever: Harry Backstayge tours the peanut factory. In the audience, a woman cracks a safe, while on “The Gathering Dusk,” Edna makes a startling discovery. A member of the audience nearly drowns in the drinking fountain while another knits a TV set. Harry Backstayge works overtime as we preview the filrm “Grub, The Story of Food.”

DISC 3 (54:46)

Wet Journey Home: Harry goes home in a wheelbarrow, while Bob & Ray interview Theodore Pomfert. Mary learns of Harry’s Peanut Fever. Next, “The Secret Heart of Sayville.” Akbar Maitai has an understanding with Chester Hasbrook Frisbee. Calvin prepares to ride to New Jersey. Southward Ho: Calvin rides to New Jersey on horseback. Meanwhile, Wally Ballou covers a log-rolling contest. Back in Skunkhanven, Long Island, the gang gets bad news. On “The Gathering Dusk,” Edna needs her chimney swept.. Then John Ralph Phipps does his patented Celebrity Interview of the Mevlin Swarmcycle. In the next episode of “The Gathering Dusk,” it’s furnace-checking time. Some human interest stories.

DISC 4 (57:00)

Very Scary: The Backstayges arrive in Foggy Bend for a ski week. Linda Lovely has a new announcer. On “One Fella’s Family” we find the Butchers hiding Easter Eggs. The Backstayges meet Mr. Gore. Hoodlum leader Franchetti visits Edna. Jack Headstrong gets scared! From Bad to Worse: A bad dinner in Foggy Bend. An oboe player discusses the symphony racket. Then, a drill-seargent gives ski lessons to the Backstayges. The law drops in on Linda Lovely. Then, a discourse on rock gardens. Later, Calvin’s out-of-control ski jump. Webley Webster get garnisheed. The Backstayges search for Calvin and Pop when Akbar turns up unexpectedly. Tune in next album when we’ll hear Pop Beloved say…