Bob & Ray: The Soap Operas, Volume 3

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5013-4)

DISC 1 (53:22)

The Dry Tortugas: Harry, Mary, Calvin and Pop Beloved are marooned on an island in the Dry Tortugas; they start looking for water but stop when they hear a merry-go-round. They find a deserted carousel and wonder how it got there. Greg Marlowe and Harry Jr. hire Detective Al (Holy) Toledo to find the Backstayges. Detective Toledo tells Greg about some clues he’s found. Meanwhile the Backstayges find an old photo of Mary and Harry on the beach. Island Fun: Calvin explains the mystery of the carousel as a storm approaches. Meanwhile, the “Rita B” drifts ashore and seems abandoned. Detective Toledo and Greg Marlowe question Neal, the manager, at the House of the Toast; while, in the Dry Tortugas, Harry Climbs aboard the “Rita B” and lowers the gangplank. Aboard the derelict “Rita B,” the gang find Captain Wolf Larson’s log. Calvin is made Captain as they set sail for Key West.

DISC 2 (53:43)

Pop Beloved tries the radio on the “Rita B” and they hear a broadcast featuring Greg Marlowe. He’s looking for them and fears for the worst. Detective Toledo and Greg Marlowe discuss the case of the missing Backstayges. Sailing the “Rita B” towards Key West, they look for food, Calvin takes the wheel. A marriage proposal turns into a fight. The Backstayge gang eat Mary’s “slab pork soup,” and everyone suddenly loses their appetite. A helicopter flies over the “Rita B” dropping leaflets. They think it’s advertising bu it’s really a warning. The “Rita B” has drifted into a naval target area. Targets: Calvin admires the colors of the exploding shells, as the Rita B is targeted. Fabian Glutnick, famous author, explains his “extrovert thinking” technique to Ray. The “Rita B” is hit and the gang tries to escape the target area in a leaky lifeboat. The Backstayges row away aboard the lifeboat; Mary, Harry and the gang continue rowing and dream about food when they spot the shoreline. The Backstayges discover they’ve landed in Mexico and start speaking in Spanish.

DISC 3 (50:49)

Mexico: The Backstayges drive an old truck over a bumpy road towards Vera Cruz. They continue to practice their Spanish. Back in Vera Cruz, Calvin spots a truck full of Mexican soldiers heading toward them; they are really banditos! Miguel, chief of the banditos, robs Harry’s and Mary’s shoes, then asks them all to join his gang. They all wake up with hangovers from drinking too much tequila. Miguel warns them about the federalies. The Backstayges are forced to rob a cantina for the banditos. Banditos: Mary and Harry are sent into the cantina and gunfire erupts! Back in Vera Cruz, the shooting attracts the federalies. Captain Wayne arrests Miguel. Captain Wayne helps the Backstayges get to the airport in Vera Cruz; they think the plane is going to “Por Favor” instead of New York. Mary and Harry talk with Greg and recount their adventures. He sends them bus money.

DISC 4 (53:50)

On The Bus: While getting ready to board the bus in Vera Cruz, the Backstayges run into Detective Toledo, who is headed to the Dry Tortugas to look for them. Mr. Science explains friction, hinges and oil to little Jimmy. On the bus headed north from Vera Cruz, they try to relax but get into a fight about Pop Beloved eating too loudly. Wally Ballou interviews a bird house factory owner. The Backstayges are left stranded by the bus driver just before the border. Calvin suspects something is hidden on the bus. Back In The USA: Calvin drives the bus up to the border crossing where they meet Miguel who is now running the Mexican customs office. The Backstayges finally cross the boarder and board a train for New York. Bob & Ray receive a crank call on the 100th anniversary of the telephone. Three days later the Backstayges arrive in Penn Station and must climb the stairs since the escalators are broken. When the Backstayges finally arrive home in Skunkhaven by cab, they find Harry Jr. has moved, changed the locks and put up new wallpaper. Greg Marlow calls with plans for a new magic show. Harry Jr. explains his wallpaper to Mary. Stay turned for the next album, when we’ll hear Calvin say, “Just how many more of these are they going to make?”