Bob & Ray: The Soap Operas, Volume 4

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5014-4)

DISC 1 (56:52)

The Great Skunkhaven Lawn Feud: Harry, Mary, Calvin and Pop return Skunkhaven after many months abroad. Calvin starts mowing the lawn and a dispute over property lines erupts. Mr. I Know Where They Are (#1). Harry and Calvin continue to argue about the boundaries of their yards when the lawnmower suddenly hits a box buried in the ground. Mr. I Know Where They Are (#2). The mysterious box appears to be full of diamonds and jewells… a treasure chest! Mr. I Know Where They Are (#3). Mary worries that the treasure belongs to someone who’ll return. Calvin and Harry decide to bring it to the Backstayge kitchen for safekeeping. Public Service Announcement. When Calvin returns the next morning Pop and the chest are missing. The Missing Treasure: Calvin hints that Pop Beloved may have solen the treasure chest and run away to Brazil to “live it up.” While Harry talks to Pop Beloved’s landlord in New York, Pop returns without the chest. Buddy Blodgett visits the excursion boat “Nancy J. for some dining and dancing pleasure. Pop Beloved returns after visiting the House of Toast. A “total stranger” arrives at the backdoor. Search For Togetherness. The “total stranger” turns out to be Neal, who’s looking for the chest full of trinkets he was going to use as a promotion for the House of Toast. The Gathering Dusk (#1).

DISC 2 (56:42)

The Mysterious Phone Call: Neal fills in the Backstayges about the contest, while Mary answers the phone. Mr. Science. During the mysterious phone call, Mary mentions Greg Marlowe’s license number. Hobby Hut. Mary claims the strange phone call was a “wrong number.” Calvin thinks they should build a pool in the yard. Charles The Poet. The Gathering Dusk (#2). The Swimming Pool: Harry and Calvin decide to build the pool themselves and start digging out the hole. Bob & Ray interview with Leopold Nodle, a Professional Racketmaker. The Backstayges discuss the shape of the swimming pool. Greg Marlowe arrives and gets an idea for a new show involving Ester Williams. Painting the Bob & Ray studios. Greg proposes a water show extravaganza, featuring underground viewing rooms. The Backstayges question Greg’s sanity. Hard Luck Stories (#1). Search For Togetherness. Hard Luck Stories (#2).

DISC 3 (56:10)

Backstayge At The Opera: Greg Marlowe has booked the Backstayges at the LaScala Opera House in Milan. Back in Skunkhaven, Harry Jr. tells Neal that he’s going to auction off all the furniture to pay his gambling debts. Bob & Ray interview the “most uncoordinated” audience member. The Backstayges decide to take a sightseeing tour. Back in the studio, a 42-year-old talks about his vacation job at a lemonade stand. Wally Ballou interviews who wants to introduce tunafish and pizza to the old world. Deja Vu! Mary and Harry continue on their tour. They decide to return to the hotel on foot as Calvin announces he’s experiencing deja vu. As Calvin leads Pop Beloved and the Backstayges back to the hotel, Mary disappears! Harry, Pop and Calvin find no trace of Mary and end up in a small Italian cafe. Hard Luck Stories (#3). Hard Luck Stories (#4). Calvin leads Harry and Pop back to the hotel and tells Greg that they’ve lost Mary. Hard Luck Stories (#5). Greg and Harry decide to recast Pop as Violetta in “La Traviatta” instead of the missing Mary.

DISC 4 (56:09)

La Scala: Rehearsals begin at the opera house without Mary. Hobby Hut. Pop feels he can’t play Violetta in “La Traviatta.” Greg thinks they should contact the American Embassy to help find Mary. Calvin and Pop are unable to find the American Embassy or Mary. Just when they’re almost out of hope, Mary calls. Bob & Ray welcome “Flaming Bombadeen.” Mary calls from a beauty parlor. The Fat Lady Sings: Calvin, Harry, Pop and Greg await Mary. Bob asks Webley Webster to change a tire. The Backstayges get ready to perform, Mary nervously goes on first, while Greg fortifies himself with swigs of wine. Beg Your Pardon. As the opera progresses, Greg gets drunk and starts mixing up the cue cards. Commercial. At the end of Act Two, Greg Marlowe decides to entertain the audience at intermission with a version of “Send My Song to Puerto Rico.” As the Backstayges come to the finale of “La Traviatta,” Mary falls. Will she get up? Tune in next time when Calvin says…