Bob & Ray: The Soap Operas, Volume 5

Featuring Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 5030-4)

DISC 1 (55:30)

  1. Intro Bob and Fentress Synom preview upcoming feaures.
  2. Mary Backstayge Ralph Crusader investigates phony socks; Westchester Furioso.
  3. Mary Backstayge Mary & Harry prepare to return to Broadway in Westchester Furioso.
  4. Bob & Ray discuss plot development with Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee
  5. Mary Backstayge Greg Marlowe delivers Westchester Furioso script; Seattle calls.
  6. The Noctillio Lepporenus Dr. Edgar McClutchney, Noctillio Lepporenus Expert
  7. Mary Backstayge Rehearsals for Westchester Furioso in Seattle’s Space Needle restaurant.
  8. Wisdom of the Ages promo Webley L. Webster.
  9. Mary Backstayge Preparing to leave for Seattle; a disturbing telegram arrives.
  10. Wisdom of the Ages Famous Quotations. Webley L. Webster, moderator.
  11. Mary Backstayge Last minute packing; leave Pop Beloved behind?
  12. Wally Ballou & Artie Schermerhorn from the boardwalk at Abajona Park, MA.
  13. Impartial Survey #1 comparing the Bob & Ray show to all others.
  14. Studio Interview Oil discovered in Massachusetts.
  15. Mary Backstayge at Grand Central Station on the way to Seattle.
  16. McBeeBee Twins Vanilla Ice Cream; Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee on the Mary Backstayge plot.
  17. Mary Backstayge aboard the Hummingbird Express enroute to Seattle.
  18. McBeeBee Twins Claude & Clyde, the non-identical twin bandleaders .“Bei mir bist du schoen”.

DISC 2 (55:17)

  1. Mary Backstayge On the train with a wierd sounding man; an ominous Traingram arrives.
  2. Bob & Ray WOR Studio Banter billboard upcoming features; lady with ventriloquist’s dummy.
  3. Mary Backstayge Fielding Backstayge, Harry’s long-lost blacksheep brother appears.
  4. Webley Webster and Ralph Flinger talk with Bob: Whatever happened to Bob & Ray?
  5. Mary Backstayge Back aboard the crack Hummingbird Express to Seatlle.
  6. Impartial Survey # 2 comparing the Bob & Ray show to all others.
  7. Audience Interviews Cannon ball saleswoman; confused spy.
  8. Mary Backstayge In the lounge car. Greg Marlowe is missing. A mysterious train buff.
  9. Biff Burns interviews “Maurice the Canadian hockey player.”
  10. Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee Call him Chet.
  11. Mary Backstayge Greg is not on the train..A diabolical, mysterious Train Buff sings.
  12. Ralph Flinger, Mr. I-Know-Where-They-Are Spencer Gruber, the inventor of the wallet.
  13. Mary Backstayge Mary’s bequested broach.
  14. Artie Schermerhorn visits a paper clip factory in Napoleon, Ohio.
  15. Impartial Survey # 3.
  16. Mary Backstayge The train is robbed.
  17. Interview with a Troll.
  18. Mary Backstayge The Train Buff saves Mary’s life.
  19. Ralph Flinger Peter Mildew, the man who went over Niagra Falls in a barrel.

DISC 3 (55:26)

  1. Studio Banter Billboard of upcoming features.
  2. Mary Backstayge The police interrogate the mysterious Train Buff.
  3. Studio Banter Billboard of upcoming features.
  4. The Gathering Dusk Edna forgets the taxi waiting outside her house.
  5. Mary Backstayge Stuck in the elevator to the top of the Space Needle.
  6. Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard For external use only.
  7. Mary Backstayge Greg Marlowe arrives and unsticks the elevator.
  8. The Gathering Dusk Edna fears that she’s being blackmailed.
  9. Impartial Survey # 4 Comparing the Bob & Ray show to another.
  10. Mary Backstayge Pre-openng jitters; Fielding Backstage attacks the troupe.
  11. Frederick “Doo Dah” Day Camptown Racetrack.
  12. Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard Hard as nails.
  13. Mary Backstayge Harry sprains his ankle playing ping pong; Pop Beloved saves the day.
  14. Studio Banter with Chester Hasbrouck “Chet” Frisbee.
  15. Mary Backstayge The show opens with Pop in the lead. Calvin tells Mary to “break a leg.”
  16. Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard Schoolteacher who likes to use profanity.
  17. Dean Archer Armstead Mumbling through the mulch.
  18. Mary Backstayge The curtain comes down. Clive Barnes misses the show.
  19. The Gathering Dusk Edna fears that her house is haunted.
  20. Mary Backstayge Waiting for the reviews with the Train Buff and Wealthy Jacobus Pike.
  21. The McBeeBee Twins have an oil tanker for sale.

DISC 4 (54:50)

  1. Mary Backstayge: Harry’s long-lost blacksheep brother, Fielding, plots futher mischief.
  2. Studio Banter: Bob, Ray & Webley Webster peview upcoming features.
  3. Mary Backstayge Cast Party: reading reviews, Mary sings, Pop Beloved takes a fall.
  4. You and Your Symptoms: #1 Dr. Arlington Garment. Dutch Elm Disease.
  5. Mary Backstayge: Pop Beloved is in the hospital with a sprained ankle.
  6. Left Handed Ladies’ Steeplejack Convention # 1. Mrs. Wendell Stoppdeck.
  7. Mary Backstayge: Pop Beloved’s odd hospital roomates. Dr. Fred B. Stole presents his bill.
  8. Left Handed Ladies’ Steeplejack Convention # 2. Other convention venues.
  9. Mary Backstayge Checking Dr. Stoll’s bill. Operation to removes Pop’s cast.
  10. You and Your Symptoms # 2 Dr. Arlington Garment. Irish Setter’s Tail Droop.
  11. Mary Backstayge Pop is discharged from the hospital. Dr. Stoll has an accident.
  12. You and Your Symptoms # 3 Dr. Arlington Garment. Man with shrunken nose.
  13. Mary Backstayge The show goes on. Fielding Backstayge is up to no good.
  14. Webley Webster Webley almost gets to play “Jealousy” on the pipe organ.
  15. Mary Backstayge Exploding flowers. Fielding watches TV waiting for bad news.
  16. Webley Webster complains about his interrupted organ recital.
  17. You and Your Symptoms # 4 Dr. Arlington Garment. Hay fever, ingrown toenails.
  18. Mary Backstayge Wealthy Jacobus Pike cancels the show. Dinner in the diner.
  19. Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee chats with Bob about the plot of the next Mary Backstayge episodes.
  20. Time Limitations: Webley Webster hosts panel discussions to see how long they will last.