Classic Bob & Ray: Volume 1

Selections from a Career: 1946-1976
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2015-4)

DISC 1 (57:41)

Public Service Announcement: I; Grub; the Story of Food; Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (between jobs); Just Fancy Dan, Barber of Hartsdale; King Yukon of the Northwest (captures Pierre the Halfbreed); Mary McGoon’s Recipe for Frozen Ginger Ale Salad; Mister Trace, Keener Than Most Persons (Peg Leg Man Murder Clue); Biff Burns (ping-pong champ); Insomniac Theater (Desperate Man); Arthur Sturdley (Tony rides a horse); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (Detergent Box Derby); One Fella’s Family (Garage Trouble); Aunt Penny’s Sunlit Kitchen (story of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hedges); Your Sanitation Department in Action; Sea Search (perforated eardrums); Manufacturer’s Outlet Sale; Interview with Frank Liberace; Webley Webster’s Book Review; McBeeBee Twins Conduct the Irene Cleming Getchal Orchestra; Interview with Dr. Sherman Y. Maycroft (teaches candidates to speak without a PA system)

DISC 2 (55:06)

Public Service Announcement: II; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: I; Bob & Ray’s Overstocked Warehouse (Spanish American War); Dean Archer Armstead (garden care); Matt Neffer; Boy Spotwelder (Matt reports to new job); Interview with Butterfly Trainer; Train Robbery; Mister Science (gas refrigeration); Most Exciting Experience (Miss Flannel’s); Wally Ballou (visit to a glass fruit factory); Bob & Ray Grand National Spelling Bee: I; Bob & Ray Grand National Spelling Bee: II; Interview with Marshall Slim Slade; One Fella’s Family (Going Like Sixty); Equitable P. Harman Technical High; Bob & Ray’s Overstocked Warehouse (door chimes); This Place For Heroes; The Question Man; Aunt Penny’s Sunlit Kitchen (story of Mr. and Mrs. Spatz); What The Tune Is

DISC 3 (56:31)

Public Service Announcement: III; Mister Treat, Chaser of Lost Persons; Interview with U.S. History Author; Wally Ballou (fire engine factory); Insomniac Theater (Test Drive); Faces In The News; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: II; Interview with Floorwalker; Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (mysterious phone calls and letters); Steve Bosco (New Year’s wishes); Arthur Sturdley (eating time); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (submarine race); Unusual Occupations (fingernail clipper tester); One Fella’s Family (fixing the sandbox); Visit to a Four Leaf Clover Farm; Dean Archer Armstead (more questions about fall garden care); Interview with George Brent Impersonator; Webley Webster’s Book Review (Tom Swift and His Atomic Fertilizer Spreader)

DISC 4 (56:43)

Public Service Announcement: IV; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: III; Interview Soap Opera Author Chester Hasbrouch Frisby; Wally Ballou (tranqulizer factory); Tahiti Travelog; Cheaper’s Discount Store; Epic (Civil War); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Matt’s First Editions); Mary McGoon’s Inn; Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH); Two 1949 Programs: The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely; Chesterfield Commercial; News Update with Peter Gory; Coach Spike McSturdley; Visit From Tex Blaisdell; Arthur Sturdley’s Talent Scouts; Mystery