Classic Bob & Ray: Volume 2

Selections from a Career: 1946-1976
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2016-4)

DISC 1 (60:09)

News of Bank Branches Moving; Biff Burns (interviews female caddy); Interview Druggists from Somaliland; Eating Time with Arthur Sturdley; Interbureau Coordinator Clyde L. “Hap” Watney (agency not funded for a year); Wally Ballou (at Hollywood sound stage); Reunite Sister and Brother Separated for 70 Years; Webley Webster’s Book Review (“Fanny Farmer’s Cook Book”); Interview Baseball Manager Frankie Papp; Bob & Ray’s Diplomatic Immunity Kit; Interview with Light Bulb Collector: I Interview Light Bulb Collector: II; Spotlight on Amateur Talent (occupation imitator); Report from Foreign Correspondent Brad Balloon; Visit to Canadian Lumber Camp (Chef Pierre LeBoeuf); Interview with Brain Surgeon Jack Bailey; Swap Shop Time; Bob & Ray Lucky Phone Call (lady busy canning); Interview with Man Who Imitates Presidents; Before 1900; Biff Burns (tape of locker room celebration); Good Neighbor Award (“everybody’s grandmother”); Wally Ballou (visit to Muttarama: I)

DISC 2 (55:10)

Wally Ballaou (visit to Muttarama: II); One Fella’s Family (Great Excitement); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (4th of July Parade); August T. May (“The Day the Tree Cried”); Travel Editor Charlie Wendlekin; Mister Science (demonstrates combustion); Dr. Joyce Dunstable (psychologist answers letters); Do You Expect Us To Believe That?; Wally Ballou and Prof. Groggins (new rocket fuel); Finals of the Famous Bob & Ray Spelling Bee: I Finals of the Famous Bob & Ray Spelling Bee: II; Interview with “Lawrence Welk”; Adventures of Sherlock Sage (“Too Many Stings”); Interbureau Coordinator Clyde L. “Hap” Watney (still no funding); Mr. Trace Keener Than Most Persons (Poisoned Donut Case); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Matt in a state of upset); Steve Bosco (spring training report); One Fella’s Family (By The Seawall); Wally Ballou (movie premiere)

DISC 3 (48:55)

Bob & Ray Present: “Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife” (part one); The House of Toast is Born; At The House of Toast; Mary and Harry Are Missing; Shanghaied Aboard the “Rita B.”; Fun Aboard the “Rita B.”; Winter Reminiscences Bob & Ray Present: “Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife” (part two); “Pick Your Brains”; Bus to Meredith, New Hampshire; Filming “Treasure Island”; Greg’s Phone Call; Opening Night at La Scala

DISC 4 (59:49)

Commercials and Radio Promotions. Wally Ballou interviews TV fan; Wally Ballou interviews Bob & Ray; Guardian Maintenance Men: Tim and Jim (Children’s Writer); Chevrolet Dealers Name Names; Kent Lyle Birdley appointed GE Spokesman; Kent Lyle Birdley (supermarket manager); Webley Webster: Lap-Master Napkin Commercial; Wally Ballou (computer expert); Nationwide Insurance Presents: The Insured Underwood Devilled Ham; Interwoven Socks; Radio Advertising Spots: Wally Ballou (distaster-prone man); Wally Ballou (radio testimonials); Bob & Ray’s Favorite Commercials: Piels Beer; Johnson’s Back Plasters; Alocoa Aluminum; Glidden Paints; Cumuloft Carpets Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH), Originally broadcast: December 7, 1949. Open; Chesterfield Commercial; Testimonial from Arthur Sturdley; Lawrence McGaffigan– Cop; New England Doll and Novelty commercial Bedtime Story; Cynthia Sweets commercial; Lyle Gunn, Jr. reports from Washington; “You Tell Me No, No (But There’s Yes, Yes In Your Eyes)”; Mary McGoon; Close