Classic Bob & Ray: Volume 3

Selections from a Career: 1946-1976
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2017-4)

DISC 1 (56:22)

Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife: Commissioner Carstairs– Part One (WINS, New York, 1954); Mary Has Some Information; Calvin Hoogevin Takes the Stand; Harry Backstayge Takes the Stand; Commissioner Carstairs Drops a Bombshell; Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife: Commissioner Carstairs– Part Two (WINS, New York, 1954); The Committee Adjourns; Attorney Surrogate Shows the Committee a Picture; Andre Detour Takes the Stand; At the Hideout

DISC 2 (56:31)

Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH, Boston, December 6, 1948); Ray Jr. (age 4) visits the studio; The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely; Court of Missing Heirs; Carrie L. Somebody calls; Mary McGoon’s breakfast recipe; Visit from Tex Blaisdell; Mary’s war surplus bargains; Bob & Ray visit Wilson-Green School of Entertainment; Bob & Ray on NBC Radio (1952); NBC station break; Inside Bob & Ray; Behind the Scenes: Baseball Ticket Office; Interview with Peter Gory; Commercial: Answers to “What’s New?”; Book “Tempus Fugit” tells how to save extra hours; Visit from Tex Blaisdell and Mary McGoon; Ladies Grab Your Seats; Commercial: “SkinThick”; Excerpt– NBC morning program (September 22, 1952); Commercial: Pre-Bent Twigs; Bob & Ray Salute Man of the Week in Industry

DISC 3 (56:36)

Wayside Doctor (WHN, New York, 1964); WOR, New York, April 30 through May 3, 1974: Wally Ballou/Trophy Train 1 (Madison, Wisconsin); Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy (troop movements); Wally Ballou/Trophy Train 2 (Manitowoc, Wisconsin); Squad Car 119 (suspicious fingerprints); Wally Ballou/Trophy Train 3 (Manitowoc, Wisconsin); The Pitmans (Jimmy Joe writes poetry); Wally Ballou/Trophy Train 4 (Manitowoc, Wisconsin); Do-It-Yourselfer (solar power, home- made carpet); Wally Ballou/Trophy Train 5 (Yankton, South Dakota); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (at the supermarket); Gabe Preston 1 (attempts to file report); Aunt Penny’s Sunlit Kitchen (story Mr. and Mrs. Bullock); Gabe Preston 2; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstallar Officer Candidate (trip to Osiris); Dean Archer Armstead (identifies leaves and twigs); Wally Ballou (report from Methuen, Mass.); One Fella’s Family (the children come home); Life’s Embarrassing Moments (at the supermarket); Barry Campbell (falls down stairs)

DISC 4 (58:37)

Wally Ballou (airborne traffic report); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Matt goes through the encyclopedia); McBee Bee Twins Tell Bob & Ray of a New Instrument; The Public Lawyer; One Fella’s Family (High Noon at Home); Webley Webster Book Review (“Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing.”); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (Measuring City Blocks); Lucky Phone Call; Interview with Quarterback Frank Fonsicle; Alligator Industries; Miniature Waste Basket Collectors; Bob’s Impersonators; Wally Ballou (arrival of banana boat “Sitting Duck”– part one); Studio Festooning; Wally Ballou (arrival of banana board “Sitting Duck”– part two); Commercial: Anchovy Ironer; 64 Cent Question (jousting– part one); Interview with man who raises hogs; 64 Cent Question (jousting– part two); Bob & Ray Mystery Bus Ride; Barry Campbell (summer stock); Dr. Van Baer examines audience members