Classic Bob & Ray: Volume 4

Selections from a Career: 1946-1976
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 2018-4)

DISC 1 (53:13)

Bridget Hillary and the News (Assistant Secretary of Defense Harlow Fordice); Encourage Young Inventors (new plant food); Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy (encounter with janitor); Emergency Ward (whistle in mouth); The Big Scoop (Vassily Hummert); Audience Interview (Pony Express housewife); Tale of the Old West (Hans Upmeyer); Collectors Item Show (pieces of Fulton’s steamboat, Nero’s fiddle); Tippy the Wonder Dog (Gramps’ birthday); Anxiety (daredevil aviators); Hard Luck Stories (Swiss trip, nut matching service, trailer in street); Gathering Dusk (Federal Treasury Agent Lowenbacher); Feature Stories (paycheck mistake, champion cucumber, long-lost letter); Do-It- Yourselfer (cactus dehumidifiers, thermometer)

DISC 2 (53:11)

Rorshack (lost dog, phone book); Views Behnind the Views (urban planning); The Orderlies (orderly malpractice insurance); Mr. I-Know-Where-They-Are (Warner Bromley, “Backwards” Grinnell, Lola Dressendorfer); Grand Motel (a new guest arrives); Charlie Chipmunk Show; Blimmix (meets Bullets Culhane); Galaxy of the Baboons (6128 AD); Mr. Science (Archimedes’ principle); Lupis Bartlow, Counselor-At-Law (defends Marlo Binklow); Squad Car 119 (engine overheats); Bob & Ray Editorial (save old sidewalks); Army Amateur Hour (Scottish sword dance, clock radio imitator); The Pittmans (Jimmy Joe wins scholarship)

DISC 3 (53:31)

Search For Togetherness (Milo Vandervore talks with Dr. Hunnicut); Hollywood Stars (TV game show); Hobby Hut (interview with haircut collector); General Pharmacy (Dr. Knowlton Bradshaw, Fritz Lipvogel); Widen Your Horizons (how to use dental floss); That Glorious Year (salute to 1565); Bob & Ray on 1010 WINS (Excerpts from last show in 1955. Leona Anderson sings the theme song); Other WINS highlights: Chat With Word Carr; Interview with Garbageman of the Month; Song Featuring “Alcana Brill”; Interview With “Shirley Temple” (cable overhauler)

DISC 4 (56:43)

Bob & Ray’s Last Show on WOR April 30, 1976 (part one): Open; Mary Backstayge Highlight (no script); Snickers Commercial; Mary Backstayge (command performance at Buckingham Palace); Sears Commercial; Webley Webster and Mary McGoon Say Goodbye; News, Weather, Traffic Report (visit experimental kitchen); Planters Comercial; Carmine Tells About His Vacation; Weather; Puerto Rico Commercial; Webley Webster Highlight (weather report); Station ID; Bob & Ray’s Last Show on WOR April 30, 1976 (part two): Open; Lancia Commercial; The Backstayges Perform “In Your Hat” from “Westchester Furioso”; Phone Call from Wealthy Listener; Traffic Report, Station ID; Pan Am Commercial; News; Korvette’s Commercial; Weather, Traffic Report; Kent Lyle Birdley Highlight (band plays a waltz); Wally Ballou Trophy Train Highlight (Wally’s card trick); Olin’s Commercial; Salute to Brooklyn / “Favorite City” Medley; Hillshire Farms Commercial; Sports; Ceremonial Closing of the Studio Door