Bob & Ray: The Complete Collection

Flash Drive

Over 60 years in the making from 78s to earbuds. All of the RadioArt® Bob & Ray recordings (90 Hours/1,837 tracks including six unreleased bonus tracks*) loaded on a USB flash drive. These high quality MP3’s can be loaded onto your Mac, PC, tablet, smart phone or MP3 player. Only $199, 78% off the retail price of all the Bob & Ray CDs. Bob & Ray CDs are available on Amazon. *Bonus Tracks: Webley Webster Book Re-enactment (The Status Seekers by Vance Packard); Bob & Ray Honor City (Moosegap, Indiana); Charles The Poet reading ‘Clouds;’ Mr. Science Explains Gravity; Nothing To Buy (Parody Commercial); Slack Rope Walker; Man Walking On Stilts; Who Wants To Know?; plus six tracks from an NBC Radio Network Christmas show, recorded Dec. 23, 1953, including ‘Helen Harkness, Sob Sister,’ a Mary Backstayge prequel. We will offer additional bonus tracks regularly as we uncover them. Stay tuned. Bob & Ray recordings are copyrighted by the Radio Foundation, Inc. Scripts copyrighted by Goulding-Elliott-Greybar Productions, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.