The Very Best of Bob & Ray

DISC 1: Classics

  1. Reuniting the Whirleys
    Frank and Tabbetha
  2. Ralph Flinger, Mr. I Know Where They Are
    Harlow Freeney, Chester Cogwell, Bessie Farley, Louis Gorby, Otto von Romo
  3. Biff Burns in the Sports Room
    Low jumping contest
  4. Sales Achievement Award
  5. The Bob & Ray House of Toast
  6. Lucy Luscious Nut Fudge Spotless Kitchens Employee Dinner
    Percival Proudhome
  7. Wally Ballou at the Paperclip Factory
  8. Hobby Hut with Neil Clummer
    Parnell W. Garr: odd-shaped fruits and vegetables
  9. Neil Clummer’s Next Appearance
  10. The Komodo Dragon
  11. Wally Ballou Covers a Bannister Sliding Contest
  12. Tippy the Wonderdog
    To the lumber yard
  13. Elmer W. Litzinger, Spy
    Mediterranean submarines
  14. Mr. Trace, Keener than Most Persons
    The overdose of very fatal poison murder clue
  15. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Ralph Crusader: faulty socks
  16. Garish Summit
    Caldwell Murchfield suddenly appears
  17. The Slow Talkers of America
  18. Wally Ballou in Times Square
    Ward Smith, cranberry grower
  19. The McBeeBee Twins
    Ice cream truck
  20. Radio Show Outro
    Write if you get work, hang by your thumbs

DISC 2: Soap Operas

  1. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Bob tells the story of their 1954 parody of the Army-McCarthy hearings
  2. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Mary calls Chairman Mush; she has some information
  3. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Calvin Hoogavin takes the stand and damages Harry’s case
  4. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Harry Backstayge takes the stand; he makes a fatal mistake
  5. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Commissioner Carstairs drops a bombshell
  6. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Harry’s case seems lost; the Committee adjourns
  7. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Attorney Surrogate shows the Committee a picture
  8. Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife
    Andre Detour takes the stand
  9. Chester Hasbrouck Frisbee
    talks with Bob about future Mary Backstayge episodes
  10. The Lives and Loves of Linda Lovely
    Linda & David approach the New Year
  11. Emergency Ward
    Removing a salad fork
  12. One Fella’s Family
    Roses in the Garden
  13. Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate
    Graduation Day
  14. Matt Neffer, Boy Spot Welder
    Matt’s New Invention
  15. Wayside Doctor
    Dr. David MuHu, Hawaiian Eye
  16. The Gathering Dusk
    Edna Bessinger receives a visit

DISC 3: Experts & Features

  1. Aunt Penny’s Sunlit Kitchen
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Spatz
  2. Squad Car 119
    Suspicious Fingerprints
  3. Hard Luck Stories
    Swiss trip; nut matching service; trailer in street
  4. Smelly Dave Visits Bridgeport
    Ran out of ice in Iowa
  5. Bob & Ray Was There
    Hannibal crosses the Alps
  6. Bob & Ray’s Gourmet Clup
    The Edward R. Murrow Sandwich
  7. Mary McGoon’s Frozen Ginger Ale Salad Recipe
  8. Mr. Trace, Keener than Most Persons
    The case of the hiccupping case
  9. Dining Out with Bob & Ray
    Bernie’s Pushcart on the Green
  10. Martin LeSoeur, Raconteur
    Suicidal Man, Foreign Submarine
  11. Wing Po, Itinerant Philosopher
    Looking for Work on the Frontier
  12. Wally Ballou Covers A Kazoo festival
    at the Boca Raton Hotel
  13. Dr. Elmer Stapley, The Word Wizard
    Why do horseback riders shout whoa?
  14. Mr. Science
    Jimmy Learns About Sunrays
  15. Fred Falvy, The Do-It-Yourselfer
    Fixing burned-out lightbulbs
  16. Chatting with Chesney
    Panic Attack; Dream Eating Crackers in Bed; Stepping on Cracks in the sidewalk
  17. Wally Ballou
    at the Lubec and South Quoddy Airlines
  18. Army Amateur Hour
    Mouse Trainers, Military Impersonator
  19. Charles the Poet
    Love Poem after hospital stay
  20. Dean Archer Armstead
    Leaf Identification
  21. Views Behind the Views Behind the People Behind the News
  22. Closing The Door Ceremony
    Bob & Ray Honor Guard Sign Off

DISC 4: Commercials & More

  1. Grub: The Story of Food
    Movie Trailer
  2. Groundhog Meat Prices
    Public Service announcement
  3. Groundhog Meat Bulletin Correction
    Public Service announcement
  4. Additional Supplementary Bulletin
    Public Service announcement
  5. Superseding Additional Bulletin
    Public Service announcement
  6. Bob & Ray’s Diplomatic Immunity Kit
  7. Wally Ballou interviews Bob & Ray
    about their commercials business
  8. Guardian Maintenance Men
    Tim and Jim
  9. Chevrolet Dealers Name Names
    people who haven’t brought their car in for service
  10. Kent Lyle Birdley
    appointed GE Spokesman
  11. Kent Lyle Birdley
    Tongue Depressor Commercial
  12. Webley Webster
    Lap-Master Napkin Commercial
  13. Wally Ballou for Transistor Radios
    computer expert Matthew E. Pulsifer
  14. The Insured
    Nationwide Insurance Commercial
  15. Underwood Deviled Ham Commercial
    Featuring the devil
  16. Piels Beer Commercial # 1
    Bert Shoots a Gun
  17. Anchovy Ironer Commercial
  18. Einbinder Flypaper Commercial
    Defective stickum
  19. Monongahela Metal Foundry
    Sweepstakes contest
  20. Elephant Protest PSA
    Advertising painted on side of elephants
  21. Coogan’s Ballbearings
    Wonderful gifts for Father’s Day
  22. The Complete Burglary Kit
  23. Club of the Month Club
  24. Piels Beer Commercials # 2
    Studio Tour
  25. Grit Commercial
    gets your hands dirty so you can look like a real working
  26. Wally Ballou for Transistor Radios
    Elwood “Pops” Hanks
  27. Johnson’s Backplasters Commercial
    Dynamite Truck
  28. Bob & Ray’s Overstocked Warehouse
    Bayonets & Scabbards from the Spanish American War
  29. Manufacturer’s Outlet
    Buy wool directly from the maker
  30. Alligator Industries
  31. Rudolph and Irma’s Dance Studio
  32. I’d Like to Be A Cow In Switzerland
    sung by Mary McGoon (Ray)
  33. Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks:

  34. Ward Stuffer Interviews Angry Playwright
    Sir Conrad Snipes
  35. Bankruptcy
    Beau Brummel Dance Studio
  36. Webley Webster’s Book Review
    The Status Seekers by Vance Packard
  37. Padraic Popoff, Marriage Counselor
  38. Wally Ballou at the Kentucky Derby
  39. Man on Stilts