The Wally Ballou Story: Volume 1

Starring Bob Elliott as Wally & Ray Goulding as almost everyone else.
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 9005-4)

DISC 1 (58:19)

Wally Ballou for Mayor will he run? (4:53); Wally’s decides to run press conference announcement (4:01); Dean Archer Armstead snow rot (2:22);Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 1 – Professor Pulsiver (1:01);Woman in the audience (0:54); Wally Ballou reporting from the Acme Firetruck Factory (2:31); Wally hits the hustings 0:38); Invisible Weaving Man (2:29); Wally introduces his family (2:45); Natalie Attired, Song Sayer (3:20); Wally Ballou & Artie Schermerhorn in the caves of Nitro, West Virginia (3:08); Wally kills time before the parade (2:54); Wally & Artie cover the 4th of July Parade (3:04)*; Angry announcer (3:17)*; Howie Sumatra sings? (3:03); Wally Ballou Tranistor Radio Campaign # 2 – man on the street (0:59); Wally & Artie on Fifth avenue waiting for the parade (2:09)*; Wally Ballou on the price of food (5:07); Letter from a Listener Dr. Darrel Dexter (0:48); Wally announces his candidacy at a press conference (8:50)

DISC 2 (55:53)

Wally Ballou press conference follow-up (1:28); Wally finds a platform (3:13); Wally’s mail bumper stickers; Webley Webster becomes campaign manager (2:03); Wally’s campaign manager Meet the Presser (0:31); Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 3 – Clifford Flemming (1:01); Wally Ballou Henry Gladstone complains (1:25); Wally covers a kazoo festival at the Boca Raton Hotel (7:02)*; Wally discusses the mayoral race (1:05); Henry Gladstone complains about Wally’s car (1:15); Wally Ballou at the Times Square Tap (2:51); Wally is not throwing in the towel (1:19); Bob & Ray Coffee Shop special of the day: tunafish enchilada (3:07); Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 4 – sportscaster (0:59); Bob & Ray Coffee Shop no water (3:16); Henry Gladstone is not supporting Wally for Mayor (0:51); Audience Member beaver dam builder (1:46); Henry Gladstone denounces Wally’s campaign (1:52); Wally chats with Bob & Ray about the campaign (2:35); Wally Ballou Henry trashes Wally again (0:54); Steve Bosco calls in from Sarasota ( 2:28); Leonard P. Harkness, shrimp de-veiner (2:31); Henry accuses Wally slug in the vending machine (1:14); Sound Effects Salesman (3:13); Wally Ballou covers a firehouse cribbage game (2:37); Dean Archer Armstead mulberries (2:22); Wally Ballou The Cranberry Man in Times Square (2:45)*

DISC 3 (56:54)

Mary’s Inn plans (4:53); Tex Blaisdell auditions for Mary’s Inn (5:03); Kent Lyle Birdley tryout at Idlewild Airport (3:16); Wally Ballou on the set of “The Proud and the Pooped” (4:11)*; Salvatore Bagatelli The Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria; Swiss vacation contest (6:51)*; Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 5 – man with 7 transistor radios (0:59); Wally Ballou at the Uncomfortable Air Conditioning company (5:45); Wally visits the Sure Fire Tranquilizer Company (2:36)*; Wally Transistor Radio Campaign # 6 – man with old radio (1:00); Bob & Ray looking through a telescope; Marry’s Inn update, recipe preview (2:28); Telescope poet (4:35); Mary’s Inn food ideas (3:36); Gore says a song; Webley accompanies (2:41); Wally Ballou Mary’s Inn burns to the ground (4:07); Wally Ballou at the Paper Clip Factory (4:49)*

DISC 4 (57:18)

Wally Ballou from other end of the studio (1:17); Webley Webster Wisdom of the Ages (3:45); Wally interviews a hot dog vendor at Cape Canaveral (2:50); Ray Sings “The Good Ship Lollipop” (2:29); Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 7 – how does radio help you? (1:01)*; House of Puttees (2:58); Wally Ballou on a power launch on Long Island Sound (2:54); Wally introduces his family – again (4:03)*; Dean Archer Armstead talks about your lawn; Bob translates (3:03); Wally Ballou covers a jump rope championship in Kankakee, Illinois (2:56); Wally Ballou Dr. Matthew E. Pulsiver demonstrates the Fact Datatron Machine (5:06); Wally Ballou Transistor Radio Campaign # 8 – radio on the beach (1:01); Wally reports from the Trans-Atlantic Bridge (3:52) *; Artie Schermerhorn at a Cotton Pickin’ Contest in Jessup, Georgia (3:11); Wally Ballou on location at the Norton Nasagraph Company (2:35); Wally aboard an airliner (2:43); Wally Ballou visits the Fordice Flour Works (2:52); Bob & Ray Christmas party – sing carols, exchange presents, ride off on a sleigh (8:34) *

* Previously included on a RadioArt® release.