Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 2

The CBS Years, Part 1
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 4012-4)

DISC 1 (56:03)

Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH 12/49 compilation): Ray sings the WHDH Jingle and “Because”; Arthur Godfrey for Chesterfields; The Life & Loves of Linda Lovely; Chordettes Chesterfields Commercial; Introducing the Chordettes to Arthur Godfrey; Bob Has a Dream About the Future; Dr. Lyle Ordway Solves a Mystery; Music Nook: Opera in Digest Form; Looking up St. Nick & His Helper, Peter Lorre; Mary McGoon’s Christmas Dinner Advice. Matinee with Bob & Ray (WHDH 12/23/48): Ken & Bill play some “Christmas Music” (“Oklahoma!”); The 16th Annual Bob & Ray Christmas Play– (A Spooky Visit to the Moors); Basil Rathbone for Fatima Cigarettes; Mary McGoon’s Christmas Recipes; Ray, Jr. (Age 2) Visits the Studio; More “Christmas Music”; The Life & Loves of Linda Lovely; Mission Bell Wine Singers; Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff & Monster Impressions; Sturdley’s Pigs; Today’s Bread Christmas Recipes.

DISC 2 (57:02)

Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH 6/51 compilation): Friendly Valley; Ken & Bill Play “Cherokee”; Mitch Miller & Expert Music Panel Review Ken & Bill; Boston & Maine Excursion Special; Bob & Ray Climb Aboard the Excursion Train (with Mary, Tex & Webley); Ken & Bill Play “I Still Get a Thrill”; McGee Frigidaire Commercial; Ace in the Hole; The Question Man; Curtain Call for the Bob & Ray Cast. “Dr. OK” (NBC 9/51); Mary McGoon Runs for the Senate; Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Todd Visits); Mary Talks About Her Nomination & Campaign; Bob & Ray’s Colonial Gardens (Popovers & Celebrities); Bowler Cornell Brakesh; Mr. Trace (The Nightclub Murder Clue); Bob Gives a Drawing Lesson.

DISC 3 (55:21)

Bob & Ray Present the CBS Radio Network (1959): Wally Ballou in Green River Wyoming; Whirling Birds, Inc. (Helicopter Adventures); Smelly Dave Visits Bridgeport; Clifton Wordlinger, Pizza Flipper; Bob & Ray’s Mailbag;Linoleum’s Millionth Customer; Charlie Chew (Cheap Motel Mystery); Faces in the News;Bob & Ray’s Lost & Found. Biff Burns with Fading Minor-Leaguer Bill Hockey; The McBeeBee Twins On Tour; One Fella’s Family (The Family Leaves); Webley Webster Reviews “Gulliver’s Travels”; Bob & Ray’s Gourmet Club; Logroller Pierre Bouchard; Charles the Poet; Lionel Myopic, Private Eye; Natalie Attired Sings (“I Could Have Danced All Night”).

DISC 4 (51:47)

Bob & Ray Present the CBS Radio Network (Summer, 1959): Wally Ballou’s Family Visits the Studio; Testing the “Slender Voice” Wire Recorder; Webley Webster’s Book Review; Biff Burns Interviews Fight Manager Emma Noonan; Thurber Whitechapel #1; Bob & Ray’s “Hidden Microphone”; Teen Idol Pat Broome; Lloyd Fenton & the Bob & Ray Waiter Training School. Jack Headstrong (Atomic Plans are Stolen); Webley Webster Reviews “The Hidden Persuaders”; Playhouse 15 Featuring Ronald Dibby; Gabe Preston; One Fella’s Family (Fair Exchange); Natalie Attired (The Trouble with Harry);Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Grandpa Visits);Thurber Whitechapel #2;Gaspar Fletcher Jr, Gumshoe.