Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 1

The CBS Years, Part 1
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 4011-4)

DISC 1 (55:40)

Bob & Ray’s First Show on CBS June 29, 1959: Bob & Ray Arrive at CBS; Introducing Wally Ballou; Wally Interviews a Member of the Studio Audience; Help Bob & Ray to Fame and Fortune and Worry-Free Old Age Kit; Close; Charles the Poet; Ace Willoughby, International Detective (The Marrakech Affair); Mary McGoon (society items); Bob & Ray Wonderland of Knowledge; Wally Ballou (jute box factory); Testimonial Time (“two New York doctors”) Show Open October 9, 1959: Ray Predicts Pictures on Radio; Our Fella Thursday (soap opera for men); Rescue Squadron (crowd control); Wally Ballou (interview with a cartographer); Grand Motel (continental breakfast until 9); Promo: CBS Sunday Line-Up; Sherlock Sage (the Farthingale Mystery); Salvatore Bagatelli (models of Columbus’ ships)

DISC 2 (55:33)

CBS Broadcast July 21, 1959: Bob & Ray Quartet Sings “Swanee River”; Open; Mary McGoon Defends Her Singing; Popcorn Popping / Great Bird; Columbia Phonograph Commercial; Barry Campbell (new “live” record, movie role); Subliminal Advertising Man; Close Grand Motel (late continental breakfast OK); Word Carr With Barry Campbell (“If Pain Persists” part 1); Army Amateur Hour (cat plays piano, talking greeting card); Wally Ballou (interviews NYC visitor); Jack Headstrong, All-American American (transistorized blimp); Word Carr With Barry Campbell (“If Pain Persists” part 2); Bob & Ray Drama “Part One”

DISC 3 (55:22)

CBS Broadcast July 21, 1959: Bob & Ray Staff Picnic; Open; Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn Report Live; Columbia Phonograph Commercial (Wally and Artie); Bob & Ray Arrive in Limousine; Steve Bosco Baseball Play-by-Play (fat vs. skinny Bob & Ray employees); Flamenco Dancer and Flutist Perform; Chairman of the Board Addresses Staff; Tex Blaisdell (dog art); Close; Mary McGoon Demonstrates New Game (“Have A Fun”); Grand Motel (continental breakfast anytime); Savings Bonds Public Service Announcement; Bob & Ray Trophy Train (First stop, San Diego) Salute The Honor City (name missing); Ace Willoughby, International Detective (The Unconscious Can’t Speak); Football Promo (CBS Radio Sportstime); Barry Campbell (new show, “The Big Conga”); Wally Ballou (the Fact Datatron machine); Grand Motel (smaller coffee stirrers); Webley Webster Book Review (“Treasury of Great American Speeches”); Lawrence Fechtenberger (return to Polaris)

DISC 4 (55:26)

CBS Broadcast September 28, 1959 (Three Month Anniversary): Open; Howie Sumatra’s Singing Lessons; College Song Contest; CBS Roving Accordionist; Bob & Ray Trophy Train (Yakima, Washington); Overstocked Warehouse (squirting carnation); Dust McCluskey (racing driver); Artie Schermerhorn at Air Hostess School; Close; Bob Demonstrates the Walner Slendervoice Machine; Grand Motel (new billboard); Interview With Skinny Man (lost diner’s card); Wally Ballou (in bathysphere with Pierre Duvalier) Biff Burns (Fight of the Week); Bob & Ray’s Conversation Program; Up In The Morning With Winch (radio gossip show); Preview Next Week’s Shows; Good Neighbor Award (neighbor’s house burns down); Clyde LaMona (hard-luck announcer); Bob & Ray’s Unrehearsed Courtroom Drama;Johnny Braddock’s Sports-A-Phone; Interbureau Coordinator Hap Watney / Show Close