Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 3

The CBS Years, Part 1
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 4013-4)

DISC 1 (54:22)

Awful Godfrey (audience refreshments);Wally Ballou (at the country fair in Plimpton, IA);Biff Burns (with Dad Gormley);One Fella’s Family (“October”);Sports News with Steve Bosco (long distance call-asks for money);A Wild Sightseeing Bus Ride Through New York;Ski Weekend Film;Slats McGurk (Jazz the Lombardo Way);One Minute Quiz;Webley Webster (Minute’s Worth of Music); Wally & Artie (ride a hot air balloon);Webley Webster Sings Broadway (badly);Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate (at the Spring dance);The Great Willoughby;Biff Burns (with Arthur Bafernetti, dog disrupter trainer);O. Leo Leahy (explains the creative process);One Fella’s Family (Trick or Treat);O. Leo Leahy (personal questions);The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely

DISC 2 (56:18)

WHN, November, 1962 (Election Eve);Schrafft’s Spot – (Bob & Ray Testimonial);Political Debate (Ralph Moody Lancaster);Dale Dance Studio (Guaranteed Limited Introductory Offer);Political Debate (Sturdley gets indicted);Political Commercial (Nelson Rockefeller);Club Bob & Ray;Webley Webster (in Fitzwilliam, NH); La Rosa Spaghetti Commercial;Political Debate (Ralph Moody Lancaster is also indicted);ZsaZsa Gabor News Clip;WHN’s “Name in the News”;Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife – Intro;S&H Green Stamps Commercial;Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife (A Jewelry Offer);Wally Ballou (Midget Auto Racing);WHN Sign Off; Thing for A Day (Dr. Wilfred Puberly and his Medieval Orchestra);Dean Archer Armstead (Chicken Control Farm Report);Wally Ballou (Boca Raton Hotel Commercial Kazoo Festival);Lawrence “Chuck” Peterdon, Novice Sportscaster (with ex-swimmer, Nick “Flail” Edwards);Word Carr in Hollywood (Anatomy of Jury);The McBeeBee Family Singers (Row Your Boat);Weather Forecaster, Clifford Flemming

DISC 3 (57:50)

One Fella’s Family (Defrosting the Refrigerator);Bob & Ray Was There (Hannibal Crossing the Alps);Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (waiting on 5th Avenue);Interview Without Guests;Dean Archer Armstead (Farm Report);Bob & Ray’s Cheater’s Kit;Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (A Mystery);Dexter Beaufort, Escutscheon Maker;Biff Burns (with “Shaky Fred” McCorkle, ex-pickup sticks champ);Sea Search (Flipper Martin & Lance argue over Flotsam or Jetsam);Bob & Ray Lucky Phone Call (Raleigh, NC); The CBS Radio Network Intro (Webley wants all the bonbons);Ace Willoughby, International Detective;Wally Ballou (at the Acme Aroma Factory);Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate (on Venus with Muggs Melish);Dean Archer Armstead (Yellow Jacket Accident);Weather Report (Clifford Flemming);World News Report;Barry Campbell (tries a new career as stuntman);Beg Your Pardon (tourist is given the wrong time);Close

DISC 4 (56:04)

Amateur Mountain Climber ((Trevellian Willet);Aunt Penny’s True to Life Stories (leaving Big Stone);Gem Collectors (Wendell Pew is robbed in his studio);Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate (Going to Neptune);Bob & Ray’s Gourmet Club (the Edward R. Murrow sandwich);Postmaster Week (wrapping tollhouse cookies);Wally Ballou (Professor Gloggins’ space ship);Lionel Myopic, Private Eye;Uncle Bob and Uncle Ray’s Hollywood Cartoon Show;Claude and Clyde at Bob & Ray’s Gourmet Club;Wally and Webley Editorial (dandruff);A Spooky Sound; Webley Webster Intro;Kirby Ayres, wandering accordionist;Fred B. Stole (clock hospital);Short Tempered Guest (rejected astronaut);Deputy Jake from Praline, Georgia;Wally & Artie (at the 95th Flubbers’ Open);Project Farsight (Doctor Root trains Billy Orbit);Coffee Man enters the studio;Thurber Whitechapel’s Adventure Call;Charley Chew (kidnapping of William Snyder);Little Known Facts About New York