Vintage Bob & Ray: Volume 4

The CBS Years, Part 1
(4 CDs, Catalog No. RACD 4014-4)

DISC 1 (56:04)

Pupi Convention;Jack Headstrong (Telephone Television);Wally Ballou (homemade auto maker, Martin Boswell);Clyde L. “Hap” Watney (fiscal plans);One Fella’s Family (carrying out the trash);Bob & Ray Interviews (Ace Arabian Drill Team);HodgePodge (Quiz Game Rules);Beg Your Pardon (Magician Hewlett Tuckering);Alvin Hancock Presents (Body, Body, Who’s Got the Body?);Partyline (Busy Housewife, Amy Frumpwhiler);Unusual Occupations (silent butler); One Fella’s Family (Clifford calls);Wally Ballou (homemade automaker #2);Is This Your Life (Lucas Litman);Unusual Occupations (tissue paper inserter);The Heart of Life (Gordon & Audrey Grady);The Sound-a-like Club;Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate (Muggs Melish & Jed Ordway);Louella Parkinson (personal habits of the stars);You May Not Believe This (22 kids share a birthday, 742-pound King Myron, live pig made of horsehide, Albanian man moves mountain).

DISC 2 (55:31)

Bob & Ray Junior Achievement Award (re-inventing the orange);WADS (Women’s Auxiliary Dept. of Sanitation);Arthur Sturdley (how old do horses get?);Hawaiian Tourist Bureau Announcement;Arthur Sturdley (eating time);Satellite Sun;McBeeBee Twins (twin racing boats);80-Year-Old Twins (meet after 72 years);Meet the Audience (woman from the other Kansas City);Bob & Ray in the Bathesphere (#1);How Does Radio Work?;Bob & Ray in the Bathesphere (#2);My Most Harrowing Experience;Bob & Ray in the Bathesphere (#3); Wally Ballou (at the Golden Chain restaurant);Gabe Preston (calls in);Good Neighbor Award (Frederick E. Hogan);Wally Ballou & Artie Schermerhorn (checker tournament);After Hour TV Show (Hack Park & Eustice Dove);Person to Person (with Forrest Pricely);Bob & Ray’s Answering Service;Interviewing the Audience (“Vincent Price”);Wally Ballou (ski jumping at Squaw Valley);Charles the Poet.

DISC 3 (54:33)

Mindreader “Fawlenger”;Mr. Trace, Keener than Most Persons;Cigarette Collector (famous butts);One Fella’s Family (Jack’s friends rob a bank);Wally Ballou (at Cape Canaveral with Prof. X);Word Carr in Hollywood;August T. May (children’s author);Interviewing the Audience (bad impressions); General Practitioner (Conrad Bwana in the Congo);Interviewing the Audience (Elsie Dimburg);Gathering Dusk (Edna confesses to murder);Wally Ballou (needle in the haystack contest);Secret File (pathological fruit pincher);Dean Archer Armstead (selling the farmhouse);Ferris Gallagher’s Supermarket;Wally Ballou (kazoo company in Kalamazoo);Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (letter for the FBI).

DISC 4 (54:19)

The Junior Bob & Ray Semifinals;Hazel Hunsaford’s Household Hints;Emergency Ward (Air-cooled Franklin);Last Night (America After Twilight);Bridget Hillary and the News;The Wallabys (world trip by rowboat);The World of Travel (with Tom Lowell);Wally Ballou (at Elsie’s filling station);Mary Backstayge’s Marigold Offer; Bob & Ray News Special (drifting on a raft off Catalina Island);Held Up for Ridicule (Margo Schechtelusengaard & Lester McAack);Wally Ballou & Artie Schermerhorn (at the Aquajollies);The Traveling Bedlows;Dean Archer Armsted & Robin (fowl questions);This Place for Heros (fearless small-time editor, Fred JohnWassal);”Tex” and the Smokey Valley Boys (sing “Blood on the Saddle” forMary);Mary McGoon (preview of tomorrow’s recipe: cubing a hunk of ice).